Medicine for profit, not people

So much concern about access to health care, but what if that “health” care sucks?
In a nutshell:
It would be difficult to find a more corrupt system,
such total lack of integrity and deep hypocrisy, as the American medical system of “healthcare”.
1) has the profit motive so corrupted the medical system that effective, safe and cheap treatments have been deliberately ignored and suppressed, for example cancer treatments, and brutal, expensive and relatively ineffective treatments offered, often doing more harm than healing, all for the sake of making more money?
2) Do the egos of people in the medical establishment keep them from accepting new evidence and treatments which disprove theories they have built their careers on?
3a) Does Western allopathic medical theory have an accurate and relatively full understanding of how the human being really works, and the deeper, non technical causes of dis-ease, or is the theory so one dimensional that it renders the diagnosis and treatment much, much less effective than it could be, often doing more harm than healing.
3b) is this deliberate, because the system has deliberately excluded any changes to the underlying theory because they might lose some of their obscene profits?
4) Has the very research process itself been corrupted to the point that one can not even trust what is reported? And the constant expansion of disease definitions for the purpose of pushing more drugs
5) The whole system is based in creating demand through creating fear. Ads constantly say “you could have, ask your doctor”. Meanwhile small children are medicated into submission because they fidgeted in school.
Let’s say it straight: doctors are trained to be drug pushers for Big Pharma, and they do a great job.
Currently there is a big debate in this country about people having access to health care. A noble idea, but what good is access to health care if that care sucks? if it is based on maximizing profits, not health?
Is it safe?
Is it effective?
Are the benefits greater than the risks?
Does it often do a lot more harm than good?
Is it the only choice?
Is it the best choice for your particular problem?
Does Western medicine have a real understanding of the true causes and conditions of dis-ease, including energy and emotions, or is it like a lamp repairman who does not know that electricity is what makes the lamp work?
Does the Western medical industry treat people in ways based on maximizing healing, or maximizing profits (at your expense, in health and money)?
Have safe, effective and cheap treatments been deliberately ignored and even suppressed, because they threatened the profits of the pharmaceutical industry?
Has the very research process itself been corrupted to the point that one can not even trust what is reported?
Most people think of the benefits of medical treatment. They acknowledge that there are some problems, but believe that the benefits outweigh the costs, that most of the time it works.
Is that true?
Based on all the research i have done, my impression is that for emergencies Western Medicine is great, but for illness is often the worst choice, often does more harm than good, and maybe %10 of the time a good choice. When you read books by health oriented, open minded doctors like Andrew Weil they ask these questions.
The basic training that medical schools, schools usually funded by drug companies, indoctrinate doctors with is the idea that drugs are necessary. Of course, these drugs have many harmful side effects, such as turning people into zombies or destroying their sex lives, but that is considered necessary.
If you go to a doctor, there is a good chance that you too will be turned into a drug addict, although people taking these “medications” are not considered drug addicts in the usual sense. This is what the schools trained doctors to do, drugs and surgery.
Meanwhile, there has been a systematic suppression of alternatives, with the intent of leaving people no choice but to go a drug pushing doctor. A medical monopoly. Just go online and read the stories of the suppression of many alternative treatments.
How many people have suffered and died because they were deliberately denied access, or even knowledge of, cheap, safe and effective treatments? Tens of millions? Hundreds of millions? More?
Ask yourself, is the incentive for drug companies and the medical establishment to come up with a pill that costs $10 and you take one time, or is the incentive to give you just enough relief of symptoms to keep you coming back for more.
One of the biggest problems is that the basic scientific research itself can not be trusted.
*Very often the drug companies themselves write the research reports. Statistics are skewed (statistics can easily be made to lie simply by how you frame them).
*Experiments that produce results drug companies don’t like are suppressed.
*Definitions of illness are changed so that more drugs are prescribed.
In short, you can’t even believe that what a doctor believes is scientifically true, because the drug companies have systematically lied and corrupted research. See some of the links i provide below, or just google it. Tons of examples on the internet, including some very big names._________________________________
I want to make clear that my main criticism is of the drug companies and the medical schools, and secondarily of the doctors who close their minds to anything other than drugs and surgery. There are many fine individuals out there, doctors and especially nurses, working in the spirit of service, with the highest intentions, and i am appreciative and honoring of their efforts. My wish is that the means they have at their disposal are determined by effectiveness, not profitability.
Certainly many people have had the experience of being helped, the question is, did people, did you, receive the best care they could have, were they denied treatments that could have helped, given treatments that were inferior to the treatments they were denied, did they suffer horrible side effects that were unnecessary if they had been treated with “alternative” treatments (alternative only because ignored and suppressed), did they pay enormous sums of money, sometimes losing everything, to pay for their medical care, and was all this done for the sake of
maximizing profits, not maximizing healing?
here’s a partial list of problems:
1 Misdiagnosis
2 Side effects
3 Illness picked up in hospitals, that people didn’t have before they got there, 6th leading cause of death in the US
4 The only treatments are strong drugs with many, many side effects, or drugs and surgery. Not much else. A sledgehammer approach. Created a nation of drug addicts. Very often doesn’t cure illness, just keeps people hooked on taking heart medicine and blood pressure medicine
5 The Placebo effect. In studies, people have had astonishing results from water injections and fake pills, just because they believed they were getting medicine. How much is this happening with regular medicines. Do they really work as much as we think?
6 The natural tendency of the body is to heal. Medicine takes credit for every person who gets better. Speaking in terms of minor illnesses and accidents, most of them would have gotten better anyway. Did the pills do anything? Did they retard healing?
7 Through overuse of antibiotics, many germs have progressively evolved to be resistant to treatments, a large long term cost.
8 Western medicine is one dimensional, treating people like a hunk of meat. So much illness is the result of emotions. Medicating the body without treating the heart, the head, working with the causes of illness, is at best a temporary fix.
9 Western Medicine does not address the energetic body, including EMF poisoning
10 The emphasis is on treatment of disease after it occurs, rather than prevention
11 Western Medicine refuses to address the toxicity of the environment, all the poisons in the land, water and air.
12 Financial Incentives-is the incentive to come up with a pill that you take one time and costs 10 dollars, or to keep people hooked
13 Is the research itself valid? Medical politics make US govt politics look tame. Can we trust what we’re told, or was someones’ reputation or job more important than health?
14 Western medicine ignores significant lines of research. Two specific examples:
a) There have been thousands and tens of thousands of cases of what medicine calls “spontaneous remission” of illness. In other words, diseases just went away, disappeared. Another word for this is miracle.
b) In cases of multiple personality disorder, situations have been documented where one personality had illnesses, wore glasses, etc, and the other personality didn’t. In other words, people’s physiology changed drastically within the span of moments, as the change from one personality to another occurred.
Rather than investigating how these things have happened, and how they can be encouraged to happen, medicine has ignored these lines of research, lines of research which could lead to amazing healings. Why?
In fact, really accounting for spontaneous remission and MPD would mean that currently accepted medical theory would have to totally change, and so these amazing sources of insight are ignored.
15 Food. Ignores the fact that you are what you eat; your body needs fresh, whole, living food with a lot of life force and the nutrients not processed out of it. A little lip service, but for the most part nutrition is not a part of medical diagnosis or treatment, in contrast to many “alternative” therapies, such as Gerson, macrobiotics and Wigmore, where it is the cornerstone.
And, if you eat poison, you’ll get sick; pesticides, herbicides, fungicides- the word cide means poison in latin, and if you got to a supermarket the factory farmed food there is loaded with poisons.
and now there’s GMOs, a worldwide experiment in which you are the guinea pig.
16 Emotions not accounted for as one of the primary causes of dis-ease
My personal opinion is that the Western Medical establishment represents the biggest betrayal of trust since Judas. A system more thoroughly lacking in integrity would be hard to find, although there are many fine individuals who are doing what they think is right, meaning what they’ve been trained by the teaching institutions to do.
this is a great one to read
I’m not saying to do nothing.
When we’re sick, we need to take care of ourselves.
What IS the best way? I do think Western Medicine has some good to offer, is the best choice for some things, but with all the problems, you practically need to spend 10 years studying, and not at a medical institution, to know what is the best treatment for you.
My opinion is that, when you really look at the costs and benefits, “alternative” treatments are, 90% of the time, safer and more effective on deeper levels, and are gentler and cheaper.
Most of us are surrounded every day by advertisements for medications and medicine.
TV shows regularly feature doctors as heroes, and have as long as TV has existed.
The underlying effect is the same as if a massive propaganda brainwashing campaign has been taking place, and maybe it has. It is very interesting to read, when one studies the history, that
The reason alternative medicine is alternative, is because there was a deliberate creation of a Western Allopathic Medicine business monopoly in the early 1900s.
Through the bribing of politicians, “Alternative” treatments, which had been the choice of many people, were, one by one, systematically made illegal, forcing people to have no other options than allopathic medicine, forcing them to spend their money on doctors, drugs and surgery, not on herbs or hydrotherapy.
At the same time, the teaching institutions for doctors were taken over, in a devious way, by huge funding of medical schools, on the condition that the only thing they taught would be drugs and surgery.
A one-two punch.
Just think of how no one is allowed to write or say anything about health without the words, “consult your doctor”. Legally they have to say that, the medical monopoly in action.
Many doctors are kind people who truly care about their patients.
The question is, what were they taught?
In particular i want to mention cancer, a disease that 1 in 3 americans gets during their lifetime. I react whenever i hear an appeal to “help us do more research”. Based on my studies, and people i have personally known, there are a number of safe, gentle and cheap ways to heal cancer, and they have been ignored and actively suppressed by the Medical Monopoly. For example,
did you know that
in 1950 a Federal Court found the Hoxsey treatment an effective cure for cancer. The AMA got the FDA to drive it out of the country the following year.
With actions like that, how much credibility can we accord the medical profession?
Watch the video below. I can also mention Macrobiotics and Wheatgrass Juice, and there are many more. Click the link for Recalled by Life, a book by a doctor who turned to Macrobiotics because he had no other choice, and then wrote this great book
Much of what you will read about health and alternative medicine is written by people who have come through the medical school machine. They were basically taught that everything except drugs and surgery is bullshit, that even mentioning it means they are failing their patients, and:
that is changing.
Please, do not take my word for anything!
Do your own research, come to your own conclusions.
Nothing original in this blog entry. Many people have said it all before, and well.
There is a book called Sugar Blues, by William Dufty, that is basically a history of western medicine. you must read it.
Andrew Weil has stated most of this much better in his new book, why our health matters, which should have been named, The Medical Monopoly, America’s National Disaster, How Allopathic Medicine has created a nation of drug addicts. Brutal Treatments, high prices, no real cures.
what doctors don’t tell you
Let me summarize my core ideas quickly
1) The causes of dis-ease are primarily mental and emotional, secondarily lifestyle, diet, exercise, Modern medical treats people as biological machines; inherently this is inadequate and inacurate
2) Medicine has been corrupted by money (selling drugs) and ego (not being open to new ideas (for various reasons)), and consequently has ignored and even suppressed many useful treatments and lines of research.
3) Western medicine is good for emergencies, but for illness it is quite possible that Western Medicine does a lot more harm than good.
be well,

One thought on “Medicine for profit, not people

  1. I agree. The level of hypocrisy is unparalleled. Not only is the establishment set up for profits and not for healing, and set up to monopolize all practice of medicine, persecuting other modalities; and they use only their approved ineffective remedies–and they act with extreme pride and sanctimoniousness and dictatorial power in doing so! We can thank John D Rockefeller for this state of affairs. Wise is the person who never goes to a doctor or a hospital.


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