Music For Parties and Events With Socrates T!


Music For Parties and Events 
with Socrates T!

great parties have live music!
make your party special!

all kinds of music
all kinds of events

Good parties have a stereo playing,
great parties have live music!

You’re having a party.
*you’re going to make sure that you have good food
*you’re going to make sure that the place looks good
*you want to do everything you can to make your party a success, so

now it’s time to do that something extra!, 
the thing that will tell your guests that you really care about them having a great time, that you really know how to do it right, the thing that will

Make your party special!

*rocking 60’s and blues for the full-on party

*traditional folk and bluegrass, from lively to mellow, for less rowdy events

*beautiful flowing meditations to set a mood, for art openings and quieter events, perhaps to welcome your guests as they arrive

I’ve been playing 42 years, played a lot of parties and events, teach guitar. I’m experienced, professional, friendly, and i love helping people have a great time, so contact me now!

here are some songlists

looking forward to hearing from you
best wishes for a great event,
socrates t.



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