Personal Growth Workshops


Personal Growth Workshop For Beginners

The goal of this workshop is to give you an experience of being awake, alive, in your body, in community.

This is a beginner’s workshop, we’re not going to do anything radical.  It’s for people who are becoming interested in personal growth, and want an easy introduction, from an experienced walker on the path. Remember, you have the choice to participate or not in any exercise. 

This workshop is a grab bag of different things i’ve learned over the years. It is different every time. if you take it ten times, it will never be the same twice.

The opening is the same,
I will say, as a musician i know that the most important thing is to tune up before we start. Sound tunes our energy, our chakras. Let’s stand up, hold hands in a circle, right hand down, left hand up, because traditionally we give with our right and recieve with our left, forming a circle of energy, and let’s tone, opening our mouths and throats, allowing the sound OMmm to vibrate us. We’re going to do this for a while, maybe 5 minutes. It’s not about how it sounds, as far as quality of singing voice, it’s about how it feels in your body, letting it vibrate you.

The next thing we will do is sit down, in a circle, and briefly introduce ourselves, giving our name and why we’re here.

After that, we’ll see.


*    Learn ideas and practices which will help you to be healthier
and happier   

*    Get a new perspective on our needs and priorities

*    Be more comfortable with ourselves and other people

*    Reconnect with ourselves and natur

*    Be in community with people who share our interest in
personal growth




mirror work
council work

massage (clothes on)

and more!