In the realm of hungry ghosts, a protest poem


In the realm of hungry ghosts
bellies the size of beach balls
throats the size of a small straw
never able to get enough
always wanting more
constantly remodeling their houses
buying bigger houses
newer cars
bigger TVs
the latest electronic toys,
cell phones, computers, and all the rest
always in their heads
their only sensations in their bodies
food and sex
otherwise, only pain
reminds them that they have
arms, legs, fingers, toes
and lots of skin
Success is not success
if it takes you away from
your birthright as a living being
to be fully alive in your body
A sociopathic, ecocidal society
where the only value put on the land
is to develop it
with constantly rising prices, where
even those who are not hungry ghosts
have to struggle just to survive
in the realm of hungry ghosts
here’s an older poem on the same themes


A naked pagan
dancing with the sky
i am alien in your world
Your houses, factories, TV sets
It is difficult for me to understand
how can you live this way?
but you do
I need trees, grass, sky
rushing rivers and willing consorts
fresh strawberries picked from the ground
You tell me of vaccines, hospitals
guaranteed food supply
heat in the winter
Yes, these are good things
when enjoyed properly
but why give up
the joy of feeling
the sun on your heart
the waves on your flesh
the companionship of spirit
Why do you seem to lack
joy, contentment, fulfillment
serenity, and
You sell yourself to the highest bidder and
live in fear of not selling yourself
why can you not find a way to have it all?
If this technology is so wonderful
why are so many unhappy
sick at heart
filled with all manner of diseased emotions and
homeless in the streets
I don’t understand
The gifts i offer
you think worthless
I offer the sand, the sea
compassion, and
deep feelings
What you want from me is to be a robot
For that i may earn enough to buy food and pay rent
since you have set a price on every inch of the earth
by what right do you control this land?
I don’t understand
but, after all
I am only
A naked pagan

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