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Donation Basket

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I would like as many people as possible to be able to share my poetry and other work, so here it is on the web.

My gift and my assignment from Spirit is to be an artist, and while some people may be able to work a regular job and do their art, I am not. My art suffers and often does not get done at all.

Honoring our gifts from Spirit is the only way to be happy in this life, so I do as little regular work as possible and live very frugally.

Although I do teach guitar and occasionally do some other things, being a musician and poet is my main day job. All the hours I spend writing, practicing, putting this site up, etc., are hours I do not spend making money in the traditional sense.

However, just like everybody else I have rent to pay, bills, food to buy, etc., and the money has got to come from somewhere.

For this reason I am asking for donations in support of art.

I have read a lot of self help books that say that one should ask for exactly what one wants. What I would really like is a modest living stipend for my personal expenses, perhaps $3000/month, net, adjusted for rent increases, and additional funds for my musical and poetic projects. I could easily spend another $2000/month in a recording studio, and that would be a budget studio, not even including the costs of pressing the finished CD. Just maybe if I put this out there it will happen. Lots of smaller donations add up, so your contribution is important.

Whatever you wish to give is much appreciated,

If you are not feeling prosperous enough at this time to make a donation, I wish you increased prosperity and I still very much hope that you benefit from this work.

May all beings be well

may all beings be happy


Socrates T.

[formerly Jay Dancing Bear]


please send checks to: call for legal name and address

I also welcome donations of guitars, drums, and other musical instruments, and I love songbooks

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