Healthy Living

Healthy Living

Healthy Body
Healthy Emotions
Healthy Thoughts
Loving Intentions

Loving, wise intentions, thoughts and emotions, words and deeds create health, are health,

unloving, unwise intentions, thoughts, emotions, words and deeds create dis-ease, are dis-ease.

It’s that simple.

Love and wisdom balance each other. Both are necessary.

Be totally honest with yourself about who and how you are and have acted. Be willing to face every shadow in your psyche, and remember the deepest truth, that ultimately  we are spirit. Don’t get stuck in problem solving, and don’t use that as an excuse for not facing your flaws.

Love, accept and forgive yourself exactly as you are right now, in this moment, with all your faults and sins, with whatever mistakes, small or terrible, you may have made.

Extend that love, acceptance and forgiveness to all beings, particularly to those against whom you have any sort of anger or grudge. To the extent to which you forgive them, you are forgiven.

This has helped me a lot.

I, _____, forgive _____ for any harm they may have done me, knowingly or unknowingly, intentionally or unintentionally, by omission or commission, in thought, word or deed, and I, _____, ask forgiveness of _____, for any harm I may have done them, knowingly or unknowingly, intentionally or unintentionally, by omission or commission, in thought, word or deed.

Remember that the bottom line truth of many, perhaps most, spiritual teachings is that there is nothing but god, or spirit, or whatever word you want to use, which means that we are part of It. Underneath our human imperfection is divine perfection.

The deepest, most important changes in a person’s life are the changes in consciousness. The more we bring our human consciousness into alignment with divine consciousness, the healthier our thoughts, words and deeds, the less mistakes we make, and the easier and happier our lives get.

Many people, perhaps you, spend many hours watching TV, reading the paper, and on various other more or less fulfilling activities. There’s nothing wrong with that. Now Imagine the result if some or all of that time was spent on your spiritual and human development.

Many teachers and many practices are available.  Look for those which focus on growing you, not criticizing others.

I believe that thoughts create emotions, and that emotions then trigger endocrine secretions, which have large effects on our physical health. There is much great teaching about controlling the thoughts; the mystery to me is how unloving intention can transform to loving intention.

In the song Knights in White Satin, the Moody Blues sang, “everything you want to be, you will be in the end”.


Most of the following material is very materialistic in orientation. I am leaving it up for now, because I think that, so far as materialistic thinking goes, it’s correct. 

The most important element of your physical health is your LIFESTYLE, which includes:
1) Diet
        A) Eating what is good for you
        B) Not eating what is not good for you
        C) What combinations of food you eat
        D) Not overeating
        E) How you eat, including how fast or slow, how well you chew,  what state your emotions are in, and other factors

2) Movement and BREATHING-The human body needs to move to be healthy, and ideally something like Tai Chi or Yoga, which exercises and balances all the muscles and organs.
Eastern systems do internal exercises as well as external. The most important thing that you can learn is how to breathe in a healthy, healing, complete way.

Breathing is more important than diet.

3) Thoughts-Emotions-stress levels
        Healthy thoughts and emotions are really the key to health.

4) Environmental factors-Pollution and toxins in the environment, including noise and EMF (electro-magnetic forces), such as computers, florescent lights, cell phones, electronic cash registers, power lines, etc.

If one considers lifestyle to be the root cause of illness, all the debate about health care seems beside the point,. Drugs, while sometimes useful, do not address the causes of illness. They only mask the symptoms.

My opinion is that when people think healthy thoughts, which will lead them to feel healthy emotions, and breathe completely and properly, then the incidence of illness, major and minor, will drop to 2% of what it is now. 


Every one of us wants to be happy and healthy.  What makes us happy?

My belief is that what every one of us really needs and wants is love, in all its’ various aspects.

Healthy mind, healthy emotions, healthy body, healthy spirit, healthy home, healthy world. What more is there?

We all want to live in a beautiful place. We want other people to be happy and healthy, and we would love to live in a safe and prosperous world.

Waste, inefficiency and toxicity have become integral parts of Western technological civilization, but just as they found their way into our lives we can show them the door out of our lives by living in an ecologically sane and sustainable manner. How much do we need, and in what form do we need it. Do we need to drink coffee from a paper cup, or can we bring a mug. Every action is important. Many small actions add up to large consequences.

This next section details much of what is wrong. It is reflective of the focus many of us, including myself, put on what is wrong, and it is important to recognize and correct this. What is most important is to love and enjoy life, and future revisions of this file will expand on this.

Can we be happy and healthy if we are surrounded by un-health and unhappiness, or are we affected by the world psychically, even if not physically?

We are a part of the vast web of life, and we are dependent on the earth for our survival. When we dump poisons in the air, water, land and food, eventually they find their way back to poison us. Any unnecessary pain and suffering we cause to other sentient beings creates karma, which roughly translates as teaching, which roughly translates as walk a mile in my shoes.

Every material product we use has many consequences, just as when a pebble is dropped in a pond the ripples eddy out. Every cup, shirt, vehicle, computer, everything is part of a cycle of production.

The raw materials came from somewhere. What are the effects on people, animals and environment
The resources were transported. What are the effects on people, animals and the environment
The resources were shaped into finished product. What are the effects on people, animals and the environment
The products were transported. What are the effects…
The products were sold. What are the effects.
The products eventually turn into garbage. What are the effects on people, animals and the environment
Which foods are good for you, and which aren’t?
What combinations of food are healthy, and which aren’t?
What quantities of food are good for you, and which aren’t?
What types of cookware are healthy, and which aren’t?
What methods of food preparation are healthy, and which aren’t?

Organic or Commercial?
Commercial=grown with poisons

Organic=no poisons

Pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, etc. The suffix cide means it kills something. Is that what you want to put in your body?

Vegetarian or Meat Eater?

structural evidence
Fingers-designed to pick a strawberry or rip out a cow’s throat
Teeth-designed to bite an apple or rip out a cow’s throat
Intestines-relatively short in proportion to body size, like a carnivore’s, or long, with lots of folds, like an herbivore?


Do you need meat?
If so, how much?
How does the quality of the feed affect you (organic/commercial)?
How do the drugs used on the animals affect you?
How does the way the animal lived, for example caged or free, affect you?
How does the way the animal was murdered (slaughtered) affect you?

How we treat animals has a large effect on how we treat other people. Throughout history cruel treatment of others has been justified by calling them animals. For example, at various times blacks, jews, irish, italians and many other races were considered animals.


The human body needs to move to be healthy. It will develop problems of disuse, such as aches, pains and various other troubles, if it does not move enough.


Is being busy all the time good for our health? How much downtime do we need?

Stress-peace of mind
Perhaps the most important determinant of health

Electromagnetic radiation

How does radiation from computers, electronic cash registers, florescent lights, electronic watches and clocks, and all the other items our technological society is filled with, how does this affect our health, especially since the atoms of our bodies are held together by very subtle electromagnetic forces.

The aging process
Eating, drinking and breathing poisons will age your body much more rapidly. Worst of all are toxic thoughts and emotions. Not getting enough movement will cause toxins to accumulate in your body and you will age more rapidly and painfully. Being so busy that you do not get the rest you need will cause you to age more rapidly and with greater discomfort. Constant bombardment by low level radiation will cause distress and age you more rapidly. Live a healthy lifestyle and you will feel better, live longer and look younger.

Be kind to yourself and the planet, adopt a healthy lifestyle now



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