Just wrote a poem 2 minutes ago

I very often edit rewrite and add substantially but this is what I just put down


I feel like I could be in the old days right now
with my cheap wine
my basement door entrance
my untidy room strewn with worn underwear and t-shirts
a Bob Dylan video playing
in the old days it would have been an LP
but same idea

Of course a few things have changed
I have less hair
I’m a calmer, better person
also better at playing music

but the feeling of a gray Winter’s day
financially marginal but
not caring right NOW
Enjoying the video
heating the wine mixed with some apple juice just slightly on my hot plate
eternity in a moment



Dust my Broom on slide

Listen to Dust my broom – Robert Johnson by Socrates Thalassos (formerly Jay Dancing Bear) #np on #SoundCloud

Yours truly singing a slow version of I know you rider

A slow version of this song in a drone style.

I’ve been playing this song a long time. Sometimes it comes out one way, sometimes it comes out another. This is how it came out this time

Celebrating 40 years together

My significant other since January 29th, 1979, when we met at Don Wehr’s Music City on Columbus in San Francisco. We have played together in the US and Europe, written many songs together, busked, camped, taken trains and planes, spent many days and nights. The best is yet to come.50248168_10156846753703497_7858059962759512064_n

Notes on strings

Guitar players out there will be aware that the same note can be found on different strings on the guitar. Lately I’ve really been noticing the difference in tone due to the different thickness of strings and of course wound or unwound,  so for example the C note on the 8th fret of the high E string and the same C-note found on the 13th fret of the B string or the g-note found on the 8th fret of the B string and the 12th fret of the g-string.

In a larger context this really does have a big impact on the sound and feel depending on whether one plays in position or going up and down one or two strings. These are kind of esoteric things mostly for guitar players but I just thought I’d put this up here.