Socrates Thalassos Speaks on itunes!!!!!!!

So excited. I am on f***ing iTunes podcasts. Now i am definitely going to have to put some stuff up.
Socrates Thalassos Speaks!!!!!!
Not much on there right now but there will be.

On a whim I signed up for a free podcast from spreaker and then they had a bunch of places for me to enter it with different podcast hosts.


Thank you

Just paid my rent, a lot of it with money from playing. I want to thank all the people who showed appreciation for my music with donations, especially the very kind gentleman with a walker who was more than generous. Thank you to all.

If anyone reading this would like to support keeping the music playing and helping me buy some equipment i could use (Roland Street Cube, Alto Troubador, Alto TS 312, Yamaha MG 10XU) you can donate below.
Blessings to all,
Socrates T.

Donation Basket

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Taking the challenge

For many years one of my biggest challenges in life has been when I go out and play as a street musician and people enjoy it very much and don’t put money in my case.

You also may know that I have done a really terrible job of booking myself real gigs and so very often my only option if I want to play is to go out and play as a street musician.

An additional complication is that when I’m at home I don’t really sit and play more than a song or two and then I just start noodling around on guitar rather than singing songs.

Another complication is that I really feel the need to play for people. It is just not as satisfying to me to sit in my room and play, yet when I go out and play and people tell me they love it and dance around and don’t put money in the case I get really really angry, frustrated, upset and depressed. Very often I have come home feeling terrible and it has taken me hours of distracting myself to get over it.

On the one hand I feel this deep need to play for people, on the other hand I need to feel appreciated. Talk is cheap, real appreciation is money. When people really value something they put money into it. To constantly feel like I am giving and giving and giving and people are taking and taking and taking and giving nothing back has been extremely difficult for me over the years. I have talked to other street musicians who have felt the same way.

This winter I have not played a gig for months. Yesterday was a relative heat wave. I felt like playing so I dressed really warmly and went down to my spot by the ice cream parlor and played for 2 hours. I really enjoyed the playing, for the first hour it seems like there was some junk on my vocal cords which gradually got worked out so by the second hour I had my voice back. Probably rust from the winter.

There were people sitting outside, as I say it was actually quite a nice day, meaning low forties and sunny, quite pleasant sitting in the sun. I played 2 hours, made $6. Given the amount of people out $15-20 would probably have been about right.

But I realize that my challenge in personal terms this year is to just go play, look for the money to come back in a greater karmic sense, and not go into deep negative states when the tangible appreciation is not showing up. That’s a lot more difficult for me because the truth is I usually really need the money, but I’ve decided that I really want to clean my accounts with this lifetime issue in the course of this next playing season.

So there it is.

Just wrote a poem 2 minutes ago

I very often edit rewrite and add substantially but this is what I just put down


I feel like I could be in the old days right now
with my cheap wine
my basement door entrance
my untidy room strewn with worn underwear and t-shirts
a Bob Dylan video playing
in the old days it would have been an LP
but same idea

Of course a few things have changed
I have less hair
I’m a calmer, better person
also better at playing music

but the feeling of a gray Winter’s day
financially marginal but
not caring right NOW
Enjoying the video
heating the wine mixed with some apple juice just slightly on my hot plate
eternity in a moment


Yours truly singing a slow version of I know you rider

A slow version of this song in a drone style.

I’ve been playing this song a long time. Sometimes it comes out one way, sometimes it comes out another. This is how it came out this time