Notes for Personal Growth 101 intro

At the moment I am going through tremendous personal transitions and it is my practice to see this not only in personal terms but also in universal terms. Following are some notes for my PG 101 manual, which can be seen on this website

As far as I can tell at this point the secrets of life lie in

1 Our subconscious; becoming aware of what is there and replacing “negative” programming, especially negative attitudes and beliefs, especially negativity about ourselves and our own abilities, potentials and deservedness, with positive, life affirming and life supporting attitudes and beliefs.

To use computer terms, essentially our subconscious is the program running that determines what we can and can’t do. We think our conscious minds are in control. Wrong. There are a few rare people whose willpower is so strong that it can override anything but even that willpower is the result of a program that says they can do it.

If i had to single out the most important idea in all that i have learned and am sharing this is it, the paramount importance of the subconscious. The greatest key to improving my life that i have found is work with the subconscious.

There are many books on this topic. I suggest starting with Marilyn Jenett, who has written a book ostensibly about prosperity but really the single best summation and explanation of subconscious laws that i have found as well as giving tools to work with it.

2 Cleansing ourselves of “negative” attitudes and beliefs such as hatred, jealousy, fear, anger, etc.
2a Learning the skill of taking control of our mind, our thoughts, so that it is not filled with or in a loop of “negative” thoughts. Let it at least be neutral.

All work on the physical plane flows from these.

3 Just as in a regular job if you want the paycheck you need to do the work.

Work on the physical plane is important but if our subconscious, thoughts and emotions have issues, work on the physical plane is like trying to carry water in a bucket with large holes in it and any goals we may have such as prosperity, health or good relationships will be much more difficult to achieve.

I am saying nothing about our energy bodies or chakras because many people are not aware of these, but if you are this is where to start.


Scepticism, Proof, Information or Transformation

There are many teachers and writings that give elaborate systems of how the Universe works. Personally all i care about is what i can use to help myself to be happier and healthier in every way.

As a very wise man i knew once told me, information is very often just a more sophisticated form of entertainment unless it leads to transformation. I agree. There’s nothing wrong with entertainment, but even if someone describes to you all the levels and details of the Universe, so what unless you can use it.

Open minded scepticism is a very good place to operate from. Too many people believe unquestioningly. There is a lot of BS out there. Open minded scepticism means you are willing to give ideas a fair examination and are willing to accept them if they hold up. Unlike what is often called skepticism but is really fear of change and a closed mind.

But what is proof? When we speak of subconscious beliefs and attitudes, chakras and energy bodies, metaphysical laws like karma and reincarnation, how do we prove any of that? Or disprove? What sorts of proof do we accept or not accept? The very nature of the subject makes it something we may not be able to measure with machines or in a laboratory. How then do we judge for ourselves what is valid?

(actually the work of Ian Stevenson, Rupert Sheldrake, Dean Radin and others is quite scientific).

2 points

  1. As Heisenberg pointed out in physics, the observer matters. No one is objective and our own attitudes and beliefs actually affect what happens. See the work of Lynn Mctaggart. That means that if you start out thinking it’s all Bs that’s probably what you will end up finding because your thoughts have actually affected results. See the work of Marilyn Jenett.
  2. The Buddha said don’t accept anything because he said it, try his ideas in your own life and see if they work for you. Our right brain feelings and intuitions matter, are real, and can be just as valid modes of knowing as the logical mind. Most people who profess to be rational realists live in and accept as valid only their left brains. On the other hand many people live the opposite, a right brain mush of feelings with little logic or precision. I am advocating balance. If you yourself “feel it to be true” that is a valid proof but only for you.