Personal Update and New Poem

ALL CONNECTED (written 11/26)

The whole world is connected

Three men talking about women and sports
Sitting at a table on a black and white kitchen floor in Berlin
are connected with

a Masai woman who has gone back to her home village
to give birth to the child she conceived from a one night stand
with a man she met at a nightclub in Nairobi
and they are connected with

a Ku Klux Klansman in Mobile, Alabama
who has lost his job and is filled with hate
never thinking that he is connected with

a 25 year old dark skinned advertising executive in London
born of Jamaican immigrants, excited about his first good job and
his upcoming date tonight with a 22 year old model and
they are all connected with

a wolf pack in Alaska, 3 males and 7 females, 3 cubs
there were 2 more males but they were killed by hunters
all connected with

dolphins playing off the coast of Florida, and
whales in the Aleutians, and
a crop of maize grown in the old way by
a group of Native Americans seeking to connect with their traditions

and the stars
and the dust in interstellar space
and creatures in far distant galaxies unknown and
unsuspected by the finest telescope
all connected
all connected

Winter is here. Here in Oregon it gets cold about a month earlier than California and lasts an extra month in the Spring. My playing season ended around Halloween. i don’t think i quite realized how involving my street gig was until it ended. I was playing 3x a week and practicing much of the off time, totally enthused. Haven’t played a whole lot in the last month, although i did write and rewrite this poem and a few songs.

Been drinking a lot of tea and doing a ton of inner work, as well as a lot of just plain hanging around. Winter is traditionally a time of hibernation for me so that’s sort of ok, although i could use some more money and gigs, but i’m not sure exactly where or how to go about that at the moment. We’ll just see what turns up.