A Blissful Weekend Playing

I played on my favorite street corner Friday Saturday and Sunday nights. The weather was beautiful, the audiences were responsive, said really nice things and thanked me for being there, the acoustics were great, i had an awesome time playing whatever i felt like playing, i made not a ton but enough money to feel appreciated. One of those runs where you feel YES! this is why i came to this planet.

The spot where i play there are several businesses all in a row that have tables out front. Generally there are 20-50 people there. Really it’s like a restaurant gig, except strictly tips. Most nights i bring my 12 string acoustic, but sometimes, like this weekend, i bring my electric guitar and really small amp. Kept it mellow, still got loose, played a ton of blues, did a little tapping. Played a lot of Neil Young and Stones, some of my own songs, did John Barleycorn Must Die, even did an extended version of Marvin Gaye’s Sexual Healing with a lot of vocal riffing.

After 41 years i have some small idea of what i’m doing, people noticed. Usually i play 7-9:30 or 10. Saturday night i went til 10:30, Sunday night til 11. Just was having too good a time playing to quit. Made $117 for a total of ten hours, really not much in musician terms, but for the demographic and the amount of people out it was ok.

A lot of times my self talk is “i should get a real gig”, but nights like that, where so many people say it was so great having me there, it just feels right.